I was born on 22 August 1989 (Omsk, Russia), so I'm about 17…

I study in a grammar school in Prague.

I started to dance when I was 8 years old - 2 years in Russia, then 1 year at the dance school Krok Hradec Kralove after moving to the Czech Republic in 1999 and since summer 2000 I have been dance for MADAT Praha.

Michaela is my 3rd partner in the Czech Republic. I've danced with her since 4 February 2005.

I danced for 1 year with the first one and with the second one for 4 years - it was her that we became the fivefold vice champions of the Czech Republic. In Russia I also had 3 partners. I want to thank all of them for cooperation and their patiences.

My favorite dances are samba and slowfoxtrot.

I spend my free time on reading books, going out with my friends and visiting cinema or theatre.